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Juan, Manuel and Ruben were terrific to work with. This company is outstanding. I would highly recommend them and gladly use them again as there was no way they could have improved their services and they did a great job.

- Dorothy Young 8/13

I have known Zebra Restoration Services because of a community connection for many years but have never had a need for their services. So when we experienced a fire in my restaurant, there was no hesitation in calling them. Within two short hours they had an estimator out here, helping me look over the damage and assessing the needs for recovery. Because the closure of our restaurant would mean a loss of income, I was pushing quite hard to get as much work as possible done as quickly as possible. After a brief meeting with our insurance agent, Zebra sent personnel THAT NIGHT to get the most pressing work done so we could re-open as quickly as possible. Because of that immediate response, and a realistic plan that I had by the end of the same business day, we were clean and able to open the very next day! That kind of turnaround Was beyond my wildest dreams - thank you, Zebra!

Honestly, I cannot thank you guys enough. I am still marveling that we cleaned up in less than 14 hours and opened the next day. Thank you, thank you.

Karens Bakery, Cafe and Catering. Folsom, California

The service my husband and I received from the team at Zebra was amazing. I was impressed with the level of communication between the team members. I would talk to Juan about an issue and get a call from Steve the same day. Steve had the whole “story” and usually had an answer immediately. Many times I was surprised with the fact that each team member knew exactly what the progress was at any given time on our project. It mad the process seem seamless and reduced the time I needed to spend dealing with issues. The sub contractor’s chosen by Zebra were also very professional and great to work with.

• Britt was always on top of all the billing and paperwork issues. She was a delight to work with – prepared and pleasant.
• Steve (Mac) always took the time to clearly explain all the steps that needed to be taken at each point in the process. He was willing to listen to my point of view and suggestions with a gracious and patient ear.
• Juan’s work was perfection. Nothing seemed to slip past his inspection. Not only was his work impressive his attitude was always enjoyable and positive. He was even able to deal with my husband’s compulsive questioning with a smile.
• Shawn was considerate of the needs of our household as we tried to live around the construction. He always communicated clearly what he was doing next and kept Juan informed of any issues. His attitude was also positive and friendly.
• Lori, though not directly connected to Zebra, was a delight to work with. She took extra steps to ensure that we were not just satisfied but delighted with the final product. She was also very conscious and careful of the fact that we had to live in the area she was working and made it easy to do so.

My husband and I really enjoyed working with the whole team and are grateful to them for making what could have been a very stressful situation feel effortless. Thank you! I hope to work with you again (in better circumstances).

In gratitude,
Jeanie and RG Williams

Zebra turned a nightmare into an adventure. From the time that a staff member offered to try to help, the help just kept coming. The company is highly professional, competent and conscientious with attention to detail. Their problem-solving positive attitude is contagious and soon you feel you are on your way to getting your life back to normal. It takes a special group of individuals deciding to deal with clients that are all in crisis – I think they are all part psychologists! And those trucks bring the magic to the adventure (why do I keep feeling like I have been on safari?) Thanks for the unforgettable assistance (rescue?).

Linda McGregor
Clarksburg, California

“Thank you Ross for making this process easy and pain free. I could not have asked for a better experience considering the situation. All of your contractors were professional, friendly and did a fantastic job. Clay always kept us informed, there were never any surprises waiting around the corner. He was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and was always courteous. Again, thank you for everything. I would never have a problem recommending you or any of your contractors to other home owners.”

Michal Dallas (Shipman)

Thanks so much for your efforts on this project. Your crew is professional, neat and most of all they do good work. Hopefully I don't have any more insurance work in my future, but if I do I'll call you guys up.

Thanks again!
Jason Dumars


Thank you. My dad seems very pleased with the work, and with the money saved. We will be more than happy to refer others to Zebra.

Cynda Rennie


By the way, Ross is very professional, patient, and thorough. He was especially great at communicating with my dad, and then following up with me. You have a good team Michael!

Cynda Rennie


My wife and I are way overdue telling you guys what a really great job Zebra did for us on the kitchen repairs. It looks incredibly great!!!   Can’t begin to tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten on the job.  Everyone who sees it loves it.  It all came together to create a truly stunning visual effect – one of the most attractive we have ever seen.  In short, it looks twice as good as we had expected.

We are so glad we decided to go with Zebra instead of the biggest and best-known kitchen repair experts in the area (from whom we got an estimate) – primarily because of the wonderful comfort level we once again had with Zebra on the third or fourth job Zebra has done for us.   That comfort level – the degree of trust that Zebra has repeatedly earned from us – was a huge factor in enabling us to relax in the knowledge that the job would be done right, and that if there were any problems, Zebra would immediately correct them (as you have done in the past).  In our opinion, that is the single biggest thing Zebra has going for them – trust.  We just didn’t have that nearly that comfort level with the bigger guys.

Another of the biggest factors in persuading us to go once again with Zebra instead of the better-known firm was Ross’ highly impressive and expertly done estimate sheets, which were really impressive.    The better-known firm lost the job in large part because they gave us only a one-page estimate sheet that gave us absolutely no idea exactly where all the money went – while Ross gave us multiple pages that showed precisely where every penny went.  Ross attributes that to the fact that Zebra does so much insurance work.  Whatever the reason, it tremendously boosted our trust in Zebra.

Zebra’s entire crew was once again a joy to work with – just really nice, capable people.  Clay was once again a delight – so easy to work with, so considerate, and so capable.  And Ron once again was a big plus – full of creative ideas like the removable panel he invented for easy access to the septic tank (a separate job).

Ross, Clay & Ron were all full of really creative ideas of ways to solve problems – like how to solve a 35-year-old drainage problem in front of our house (separate job).

We especially appreciated you guys going the extra mile for us in scrounging to find a cabinet stainer who was willing to coat the kitchen cabinets in polyurethane, which apparently many finishing experts are unwilling to tackle.  Your cabinet maker confirmed to us that polyurethane for kitchen cabinets is a huge plus.  And your cabinet maker, Larry, did an especially beautiful job on the wood work.

Another big plus was the extra mile your crew went to minimize the disruption to our family life while the repairs were underway.  Like doing the cabinet staining in your shop to ease the burden my wife who is really sensitive to paint odors.  And finding a creative way to keep our washer & dryer functioning until the very last minute.

Meantime, we will contact you sometime in the spring or summer about doing some exterior repairs to the house siding in a couple of places.

Here’s hoping your entire crew has a really nice Christmas.
Sacramento Area, CA

The service was excellent. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Juan and Matt were like family-They were great. We had an unpleasant “black water” event at our house. Zebra was recommended by our insurance company to do demolition and restoration of walls and sauna. We were so glad of their professionalism, courtesy and the quality outcome of their work!

Landon Scarlett and Matt Williams
Homeowners / Residential Customers

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