Building Inspections

Building Inspections by  Zebra Restoration Services

Staying ahead of the technology curve is critical in the very specialized business of property and content restoration. Zebra now offers noninvasive building inspection services to determine the areas affected by hidden water damage. Infrared technology allows Zebra to "look through" walls, ceilings and other structural items to discern areas that require immediate restoration attention. Not only can the technology be used to determine areas of water intrusions but can also be used to evaluate heat loss or retention in residential and commercial buildings. Inspections include site visit, written report of findings and digital photographs of Infrared inspections.

Infrared camera used to detect hidden water damage, Fire damage repair work by Zebra Restoration Services

Moisture present in roofs and walls can be detected with our sensitive infrared camera. The temperature difference created by the presence of moisture on the inside surface of a wall will appear differently than the surrounding area.

Infrared photo of hidden water damage by Fire damage repair work, Zebra Restoration Services

Our camera has an extremely sensitive microbolometer thermal sensor that can distinguish between temperate differences of less than 1/20 degree F. The purple areas in this infrared image show moisture inside a wall and ceiling.