Restoration Equipment

Equipment used for restoring damage from fire, smoke, water and mold damage.

The very specialized restoration industry requires unique tools and equipment to assess, remediate and reconstruct water, fire and mold damaged residences and businesses. In addition to Zebra’s fleet of vehicles and all the normal construction tools and equipment Zebra also possesses High speed Air Movers, Refrigerant and Dessicant Dehumidifiers, Dry Force and Injecti-dry wall cavity drying systems, Turbo Vents, Negative Air Machines/Air Filtration Devices, Vortex units, Infrared Camera’s, Wireless Inspection Camera’s, Penetrating and Non-Penetrating Moisture Metering tools, Air Sleds, Pressure Washers, Sprayers, Thermal Hygrometers, Ozone Generators, and Thermal Fogging devices. Over twenty years of experience with these specialized devices ensures that all damaged areas are first and foremost discovered and then completely mitigated and restored to a pre-loss condition without lengthy delays. For a look at some of these devices click on the tab at the right.

Zebra uses
state-of-the-art restoration equipment

View photos of some of the equipment used in restoration.